Eat, Drink, Clean: Selecting Food and Water Bowls

2021-11-30T19:09:37-05:00November 30th, 2021|

Kittens can begin transitioning from nursing to food at about four weeks of age. Although choosing food and water bowls seems straightforward, it’s important to consider a few things to keep kittens, and cats, happy and healthy.


  • Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are best, as they can be easily cleaned to prevent the spread […]

No, ifs, ands, or butts: how to choose a thermometer

2021-11-23T17:49:02-05:00November 23rd, 2021|

Have you ever wondered what makes one thermometer better than another when it comes to taking a kitten’s temperature? Now’s the time to find out, and get a thermometer. Kittens younger than four weeks of age cannot self regulate their body temperature, and having the right thermometer at the right time can mean the […]

Recognizing and Working through Compassion Fatigue

2021-11-18T13:27:53-05:00November 16th, 2021|

Compassion fatigue affects many people who care for others, especially those who work to improve the lives of animals. More than just exhaustion due to caring for neglected, abused, sick and injured animals, compassion fatigue encompasses the physical, emotional, and psychological impact of helping others and overwhelms us with negative emotions and loss of […]

Starting Off On the Right Paw: How to Examine a Kitten

2021-11-15T16:51:46-05:00November 7th, 2021|

All kittens should receive a baseline exam to access their overall health status. This allows you to address any immediate concerns as well as measure subsequent improvement or worsening of the kitten’s health. Follow these steps to perform a thorough exam. Remember to talk softly, move slowly and handle gently.

Set up your exam area […]

It’s Not Rocket Science: Getting A Kitten into a Cat Carrier

2021-11-18T13:35:08-05:00November 7th, 2021|

If you’ve struggled to get a kitten into a carrier, you’re not alone. It’s difficult to experience how scared and uncooperative a kitten can be, which makes the process stressful for everyone involved; but, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are tips to help foster or adopted kittens like, or at least […]

Access to Veterinary Care: Critical to Saving More Kittens

2021-11-18T11:35:25-05:00November 7th, 2021|

Regardless of their financial status or where they live, most people treat their pets as family members and want to provide them with nutritious food, water, shelter and veterinary care. Unfortunately, veterinary care is beyond the reach of millions of households. There are many reasons for this.

Recent studies have been conducted to identify the […]

Toxoplasmosis: Keeping Kittens and People Safe

2021-11-18T13:19:44-05:00November 6th, 2021|

Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by the one-celled parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. Although  other animals can become infected with toxoplasmosis, the disease only reproduces in cats and is shed in their feces. However, preventing toxoplasmosis by rehoming kittens or cats or putting them outdoors is not a […]

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