June 8th and 9th | 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. EDT

The Online Kitten Conference is a virtual convention for anyone who’d like to create a better future for all kittens! Join us for this kitten-focused event presented by The National Kitten Coalition in partnership with the Community Cats Podcast. This two-day virtual gathering will feature presentations by experts on raising and saving kittens, setting up and managing kitten-centered shelter programs, and more.

Since this is a virtual event, you’ll have an opportunity to gain valuable insights and have your questions answered by some of the most knowledgeable leaders in the animal welfare community—without the expense and hassle of traveling.

Can’t join us for the live event? Don’t worry! Registrants will have access to the archived recordings of the conference after it is concluded along with downloads and access to an ongoing Facebook group for networking with other kitten enthusiasts.

The 2024 Online Kitten Conference Speakers and Presentations

Cat training starts with kittens!
Steve Appelbaum
President, Animal Behavior College Inc.

close up portrait of Steve Dale with orange cat on his shoulders

Mitigating Feline Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) in Shelters through Stress Management
Becca Boronat
Veterinarian, National Shelter Medicine; Best Friends Animal Society

close up portrait of Steve Dale with orange cat on his shoulders

From Hiss to Purr – A Kitten Socialization Guide
Kristi Brooks
Director of Operations, Cat Adoption Team

Laura Cassiday sitting on a white couch with gray cat in her lap

The Truth About Single Kitten Syndrome: Separating Fact from Fiction
Laura Cassiday
Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, Pawsitive Vibes Cat Behavior and Training

Portrait of Allison Hunter-Frederick with tabby cat

Running a Rescue: How to support and empower your fosters
Caroline Grace
Founder/Director, Baby Kitten Rescue

Adelle Goodman approaching tabby and white cat with drop-over trap

Equipping Fosters to Work With Under Socialized Kittens
Madison Harris
Feline Intake and Assessment Manager, Foothills Animal Shelter

closeup portrait of Eliska Meadows with white and tabby neonatal kitten

Introducing a kitten to your feline family
Lucy Hoile
Feline Behaviourist, International Cat Care, Ceva (Feliway), Animal Behaviour and Training Council, Petsure

closeup portrait of Nadia Oseguera holding young black kitten

Feline fetal and neonatal mortality: what we know and what we are missing
Alejandra Lablé, DVM, MSc,
PhD (c)

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Introduction to Grant Writing
Stephanie Mathers
CEO, Grants 4 Animals LLC

close up portrait of Emilie Rackovan holding a black and white cat

Foster Finders: Removing the Middle Man in Saving Kittens
Megann Smith
Director of Shelter Operations, Wood County Humane Society

Feeling the Loss of a Pet That Wasn’t Yours: Grieving Loss in Rescue

Monica Frenden-Tarant

The importance of behavioral well-being in kittens managed within cages
Ilaria Venturin
Feline behaviorist and kitten care coach, Lary e il mondo dei Gattini – Adas Onlus

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