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Hydrocephalus in Kittens

2023-09-11T20:53:48-04:00September 5th, 2023|

What is Hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus, commonly referred to as “water on the brain,” is a rare feline neurologic disorder. It involves the abnormal accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricular system of the brain. Consisting of electrolytes, enzymes and glucose, CSF surrounds and protects the spinal cord and brain from injury as well as […]

Preemies: Helping Kittens Born Early

2023-09-07T11:55:00-04:00August 1st, 2023|

Kittens are born blind, deaf, unable to regulate their body temperature and dependent on their mother. Orphaned neonates require intensive caregiver attention, which increases immensely if they are born prematurely.

Premature Birth in Kittens

Most veterinarians consider a birth premature if it occurs before 61 days of gestation. Chances for survival decrease rapidly for kittens born more […]

Kitten Vision: More Than Meets the Eye

2023-07-19T13:20:57-04:00July 4th, 2023|

The Anatomy of Feline Eyes

To better understand the development and function of kittens’ eyes, it helps to be familiar with the eye’s anatomy.

  • The orbit is the bony cavity within the skull in which the eyeballs are situated. The orbit also contains muscles, nerves, blood vessels and the structures that produce and drain tears. […]

Understanding the Causes and Treatment for Constipation in Kittens

2023-06-28T12:35:25-04:00June 6th, 2023|

Constipation is defined as the infrequent, incomplete or difficult defecation with passage of small, hard or dry feces. It is important to address constipation immediately in order to avoid complications. Depending on the age of the kitten, constipation will require a slightly different approach.

Constipation in Neonatal Kittens

Neonatal kittens must be stimulated to urinate and […]

“Nursing” Gone Wrong: Cross-Sucking in Orphaned Kittens

2023-05-11T19:03:03-04:00May 11th, 2023|

If you’ve encountered cross-sucking in kittens you’ve fostered, you know it can be difficult to resolve and painful to experience for both you and the kittens.

During their first few weeks of life, kittens touch their moms 85% of the time and “nurse” on their moms even when no milk is released. Even during brief […]

Common Eye Problems in Kittens

2023-05-08T18:05:36-04:00May 1st, 2023|

Eye problems in kittens can be acquired through infection or injury in the first weeks and months of life or be congenital and caused by being born with an abnormality.

To properly function, eyes must be kept moist. Because it can take several weeks for tear production to begin, the kitten’s upper and lower eyelids […]

Understanding and Treating Feline Hemotropic Mycoplasma

2023-03-24T21:52:33-04:00April 4th, 2023|

What Causes Feline Hemotropic Mycoplasma?

Feline Hemotropic Mycoplasma (FHM), previously known as Haemobartonellosis and Feline Infectious Anemia (FIA), is a disease caused by the parasitic bacterium Mycoplasma. This small bacterium attaches to the external surface of red blood cells (RBCs) and causes an immune reaction in the host cat, which results in red blood cell […]

Congenital Heart Defects in Kittens

2023-03-19T16:45:05-04:00March 7th, 2023|

Congenital heart defects are heart defects that are present at the time of birth.

These defects can be caused by one or a combination of the following: an abnormality in the cat’s genes; environmental conditions; infection; exposure to poisonous material; medications taken during pregnancy; and poor maternal nutrition. If a kitten has more than one congenital […]

Choosing a Professional Pet Sitter for Your Kitten

2023-06-26T15:32:40-04:00February 7th, 2023|

Whether you’re going away for the weekend or longer, you’ll enjoy your time more if you know that your kitten/s are being cared for properly.

The stress to kittens of being in an unfamiliar environment, such as a boarding facility, along with the fact that their immune systems are not fully developed to fight diseases, […]

The Purrks of Choosing a Cat Friendly Practice® for Veterinary Care

2023-02-01T17:46:20-05:00January 3rd, 2023|

Congratulations! You’ve brought a new kitten or kittens into your home. You may think that your indoor pet is free from the risk of disease or injury, but anything can happen. In addition, felines are adept at hiding illness, and you may miss the subtle signs of sickness.

There’s a lot to know about sharing […]

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