We are committed to our vision that all neonatal, sick and other at-risk kittens are given a chance to grow and thrive through life-saving educational programs and positive partnerships among shelters, rescues, veterinarians and the public. And, we know that many animal shelters, rescue organizations and veterinary professionals feel as we do — that together we can make this vision a reality!

Read below to learn what attendees have to say about the National Kitten Coalition and our workshops; then visit our Workshops page to learn more about how we can partner with you in your life-saving efforts!

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue: The Coalition “provides crucial support to shelters in order to save bottle baby kittens. Homeward Trails works with them as do our local shelters. Without programs like this, thousands of orphaned kittens would be immediately euthanized.”

Cheryl Collins, LVT, Co-owner, Stonewall Veterinary Clinic: The Coalition’s “co-founders/instructors combine their many years of cat care experience and skilled training to share a plethora of knowledge and guidance for others. Their workshop presentations are exceptional and presented in a manner that is easy for all to comprehend. They are a valuable tool for the kitten rescue world.”

What others are saying about our workshops…

“Awesome! So much great information! So many tips and resources for kittens. Love this group!”

“This was incredibly helpful! I feel prepared to care for young kittens.”

“The whole thing was awesome. Renewed my enthusiasm to get a foster program for neonates in our area.”

“Your reliance on medical/university sources is much appreciated.”

“Speakers are passionate about what they are doing.”

“Very committed speakers — helpful, motivational.”

“Many new ideas on increasing our bottle baby program.”

“Immediate applications for our organization, very useful.”

“Learned practical, realistic ways to help kittens.”

“Great information — loved it! Good tips — will save lives!”

“Rosemarie was very knowledgeable and explained medical issues clearly and with humor.”

“I learned so much today. Thank you for your time and effort with the workshop.”

“Absolutely fantastic! Finally giving shelters and rescues a practical resource… Bright future for kittens and this organization.”

While the Coalition itself does not provide direct animal care, many of its staff and volunteers foster for shelters and rescue groups. If you have a kitten who needs care, please contact your local animal shelter, rescue organization or veterinarian.

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