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Kittens too young to eat on their own or too young for adoption are one of the largest groups of animals euthanized every year in animal shelters across the United States. The National Kitten Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing survival rates of rescued kittens, and we accomplish our mission by educating and training animal shelter staff, rescue groups, volunteers and fosters to provide high-quality, cost-effective care; providing outreach and educational materials to animal-welfare professionals and the public; and promoting cooperation and information sharing within the animal-welfare community.

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Members of the public should visit our Contact Us page. If you have a kitten who needs medical attention, please contact your local veterinarian, animal shelter or rescue organization.


  • NKC team members Marnie Russ and Jamie Nicholas featured in story about the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s (VA) kitten nursery, June 2017
  • Animal Welfare League of Arlington (VA) opens the first stand-alone kitten nursery in the metro DC area, a program based on NKC’s Launching and Operating a Successful Kitten Nursery manual, June 2017
  • Animal Sheltering magazine highlights National Kitten Coalition’s Launching and Operating a Successful Kitten Nursery manual, June 2017
  • The story of Pattycake and Peterweets goes international… to Japan, June 2017
  • Alley Cat Allies highlights kitten-care expert and NKC co-founder (and “Kitten Mom”), Susan Spaulding, in its Spring newsletter, May 2017
  • “Two Preemie Kittens Stick Together and Fight to Get Bigger Every Day.” Read this Love Meow story on two preemie kittens saved by NKC co-founder and “Kitten Mom,” Susan Spaulding, May 2017
  • “Having protocols in place as a starting ground is really helpful for the whole staff.” Listen to NKC’s Rosemarie Crawford on the Community Cats Podcast as she talks about kitten care, May 2017
  • NKC presents bottle-feeding, kitten-care workshop for the Humane Society of Washington County (MD), May 2017
  • “Foster programs are my first love by far.” Listen to NKC’s Rebecca Jewell on the Community Cats Podcast as she talks about foster programs and Coalition programs, April 2017
  • “You’re going to get a whole lot more kittens when you start a nursery.” Listen to NKC’s Laura Baughman on the Community Cats Podcast as she talks about the Coalition’s publication of a kitten nursery manual, April 2017
  • We practice what we teach: NKC co-founder socializes feral kitten, Smokey Joe, who then finds loving home, February 2017
  • Little Roo Russ, NKC feline ambassador, matures into beautiful, floofy feline, January 2017
  • NKC co-founder fosters “micro kitty” Bijou, nursing her back to health, December 2016
  • NACA News features NKC workshops in Summer 2016 issue

Archived News

  • Community Cats Podcast highlights work of National Kitten Coalition, June 2016
  • Little Roo Russ helps foster kittens with Coalition co-founder Marnie Russ, June 2016
  • National Kitten Coalition’s feline ambassador, Little Roo Russ, doesn’t let physical challenges slow her down, June 2016
  • National Kitten Coalition workshop attendee shares six things she learned about caring for neonatal kittens, May 2016
  • Susan Spaulding, National Kitten Coalition co-founder, answers call to help neonatal kittens found at a car dealership, May 2016
  • Coalition co-founder cares for kitten who was born without elbows while kitten makes canine friend, May 2016
  • Kitten Stands Like a Kangaroo, Will Meow Her Way into Your Heart — National Kitten Coalition provides care and education on her special circumstances, May 2016
  • The Animal Welfare League of Arlington (Arlington, VA) and the National Kitten Coalition launch a year-long Training Program to increase survival rates of rescued kittens, January 2016
  • Co-founder Susan Spaulding represents the National Kitten Coalition at Kitten Palooza! workshops in New Jersey, May 2010
  • Fairfax County Animal Shelter (Fairfax, VA) saves record number of neonatal kittens as a result of training provided by co-founders of the National Kitten Coalition, May 2009
  • “Kitten Mom” honored by cat rescue groups, December 2008.


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