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Preemies: Helping Kittens Born Early

2024-04-05T17:41:11-04:00August 1st, 2023|

Kittens are born blind, deaf, unable to regulate their body temperature and dependent on their mother. Orphaned neonates require intensive caregiver attention, which increases immensely if they are born prematurely.

Premature Birth in Kittens

Most veterinarians consider a birth premature if it occurs before 61 days of gestation. Chances for survival decrease rapidly for kittens born more […]

Understanding the Causes and Treatment for Constipation in Kittens

2023-06-28T12:35:25-04:00June 6th, 2023|

Constipation is defined as the infrequent, incomplete or difficult defecation with passage of small, hard or dry feces. It is important to address constipation immediately in order to avoid complications. Depending on the age of the kitten, constipation will require a slightly different approach.

Constipation in Neonatal Kittens

Neonatal kittens must be stimulated to urinate and […]

Common Eye Problems in Kittens

2023-05-08T18:05:36-04:00May 1st, 2023|

Eye problems in kittens can be acquired through infection or injury in the first weeks and months of life or be congenital and caused by being born with an abnormality.

To properly function, eyes must be kept moist. Because it can take several weeks for tear production to begin, the kitten’s upper and lower eyelids […]

Feline Panleukopenia Virus (aka Distemper) in Kittens: Immediate Care May Save Lives

2023-01-01T16:04:42-05:00January 1st, 2023|

Sadly, kittens are at highest risk for feline panleukopenia virus (FPV). Even kittens who are vaccinated, if they are under four months old, are at risk due to interference from maternal antibodies. 50 to 100%% of unvaccinated cats die even with treatment. Illness in recovering cats lasts 5- 7 days.

Usual course of disease: Fever, […]

Critical Care for Kittens–Flea Anemia: Part 4 of 4

2022-05-17T12:19:12-04:00May 17th, 2022|

In parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series on Critical Care for Kittens, we discussed the dangers of hypothermia, hypoglycemia and dehydration. Here in part 4 of this series, we’ll discuss anemia. This condition occurs when a kitten’s body does not have enough healthy red blood cells.

Anemia can be deadly if untreated, especially […]

Critical Care for Kittens–Dehydration: Part 3 of 4

2022-05-12T12:57:21-04:00May 10th, 2022|

In parts 1 and 2 of this series on Critical Care for Kittens, we discussed the dangers of hypothermia and hypoglycemia. Here in part 3 of this series, we’ll discuss dehydration, an excessive loss of water and electrolytes (minerals such as potassium, sodium and chloride) that occurs in kittens with inadequate milk intake or […]

Critical Care for Kittens–Hypoglycemia: Part 2 of 4

2022-08-25T21:50:30-04:00May 3rd, 2022|

In part 1 of this series on Critical Care for Kittens, we discussed hypothermia. Another danger to kittens is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar (glucose), can occur when kittens don’t get enough food per meal or have been without food for several hours, Glucose is the body’s fuel, and kittens need it regularly since […]

Critical Care for Kittens–Hypothermia: Part 1 of 4

2022-05-09T22:16:47-04:00April 24th, 2022|

Medical emergencies involving pets commonly involve trauma (hit by a car, sustained in a fall), poisoning, heat stroke, choking and seizures. When it comes to kittens, especially orphaned neonates, common emergencies are hypothermia (low body temperature), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), dehydration and anemia.

Hypothermia is a major cause of neonatal kitten death. Adult cats shiver […]

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