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Effectively Managing Community Cats with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR): Considerations for Moms and Kittens

2022-12-10T20:36:07-05:00March 11th, 2022|

Kittens have their best chance of survival with a healthy mom cat. So, if the family is doing well and is living in a safe area, wait until kittens are about 6 weeks old to trap them. It’s safer for everyone to use a humane trap and, at that age, kittens also weigh enough […]

Effectively Managing Community Cats: Veterinarians Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

2022-12-10T20:32:48-05:00November 7th, 2021|

Veterinarians play a critical role in the wellbeing of feral cats (unsocialized cats who have had little to no contact with people and fear them). They are typically unsuitable as pets. Lost and abandoned unsterilized pet cats, as well as other feral cats, contribute to the overall number of feral cats. No one knows […]

Effectively Managing Community Cats: Words and Actions Matter

2022-12-10T20:37:38-05:00August 22nd, 2021|

The term “feral” should only be used to refer to a cat who is too scared of people (unsocialized) to be handled or adopted into a home. 

Feral cats are typically born outdoors. They may be the offspring of feral cats; they may be the offspring of lost and abandoned pet […]

Effectively Managing Community Cats: Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

2022-12-10T20:38:51-05:00August 10th, 2021|

TNR had its beginnings in the United Kingdom in the 1970s and 80s. Since that time, it has spread worldwide as a tool to manage feral cats.

Feral cats originate from other feral cats as well as lost or abandoned pet cats who havent been spayed and […]

Effectively Managing Community Cats: Feral or Stray?

2022-02-03T15:47:08-05:00July 17th, 2021|

Community cats may be feral cats living outdoors who are fearful of people or stray cats who are lost or abandoned pet cats and at one point weren’t fearful of people. 

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), when done strategically and sustained over time for a colony, is an essential tool to decrease the numbers […]

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