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LOL! We’re not referring to cats who talk, although there are plenty of them. We’re referring to how people talk about cats on social media. Are you ready to test your knowledge of these descriptive words?

A floof is a cat with lots of fur, especially fluffy fur. Pedigreed breeds, such as Maine Coons and Ragdolls, and popular, random-bred Domestic Long Hairs (DLH) are examples of floofs. They may require extra grooming by their human servants to keep their fur from matting.

A blep describes when a cat’s tongue is sticking out of the mouth. It’s as if the cat was in the middle of licking and forgot to put his tongue back in his mouth. Their expression is pretty silly, but try not to embarrass your cat by laughing.

A mlem occurs when a cat’s tongue licks just about anything — the nose, paw or hooman. Too much mlemming may mean your cat is stressed, has an allergy or is trying to clean his fur where you just pet him.

Caturday combines the words “cat” and “Saturday.” It’s a day when ailurophiles (cat lovers) are encouraged to post pictures of their cats. Wait a minute. Isn’t everyday Caturday?

Smol is an adjective that refers to a cat who is below average size and cute. It’s especially useful in describing kittens, who are all small and all adorable. Chonk is the opposite of smol. It describes a cat who is very chubby. Carrying extra weight is nothing to laugh at since it can lead to serious and painful health problems

Toe Beans refer to the adorable pads on a cat’s feet. Toe beans allow cats to move quietly and act as shock absorbers and brakes. Can you say leaping lizards and zoomies?

A boop refers to a light tap from another cat or hooman on a cat’s nose. Cats give head boops, aka bunting, to mark their feline friends and hoomans and share their scent and show affection. Here are other ways that cats show their love.

Cat taps refer to the gentle , repeated pawing that cats do to get their hooman’s attention. Tap, tap, tap. It’s time to wake up. Tap, tap, tap. It’s time to feed me. Tap, tap, tap. It’s time play.

Teefies describes a cat’s teeth in general. Teefies can also refer to the adorable tiny incisors, 6 on top and 6 on the bottom, between the canine teeth. Why does a cat have canine teeth? Learn more about keeping teefies healthy.

Feetsies refer to a cat’s feet. They are so cute, especially when a cat spreads them to stretch or to clean between their toesies. Toesies. Now, that’s a new word we need to add to our vocabulary!

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