Informational Sheets: Fast Facts

We have created the following Fast Facts to provide you with tips and hints on kitten care. These are free for you to download and are intended for informational purposes only. The Coalition does not provide veterinary services, and these informational sheets are not intended to replace veterinary care. You should always consult a licensed veterinarian for any health issues related to the animals in your care.

Determining Kitten Age

Fading Kittens & Sepsis

Kitten Feeding Chart

Neonatal Kittens & Fleas

Penicillin G & Neonatal Kittens

Kitten Stool Chart

Neonatal Kitten Care “Go Kit”

Top Bottle Feeding Hints

Kitten Mom’s Corner

Looking for more kitten-care information? Check out these past newsletter articles from Susan Spaulding, a co-founder of the National Kitten Coalition who is also known as the ‘Kitten Mom’ in the shelter and rescue community. She has 25+ years’ experience caring for kittens and is widely celebrated for her expertise with neonatal orphans and special-needs kittens who others have given up on.

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Susan’s Tips for Chow Time (May 2017)

Holy Meow! I’ve Found a Teeny, Tiny Kitten! (March 2017)

February is Pet Dental Health Month (Feb. 2017)

Brrr…It’s cold out there! (Jan. 2017)

Looking for more in-depth information on caring for kittens? The Coalition offers programs to help animal shelters and rescue organizations with their life-saving efforts on behalf of kittens, including workshops and consulting services. We are also available for speaking engagements at conferences and animal-welfare events.