Saving Kittens in Partnership (SKIP)

Saving Kittens in Partnership (SKIP) is an innovative program created by Newborn Kitten Rescue to help save vulnerable kittens at risk of being euthanized in shelters without the resources to care for them.

Thanks to a generous grant from The Humane Society of the United States, the Newborn Kitten Rescue teamed with The National Kitten Coalition to produce a Toolkit/Guide that serves as a roadmap to help you start or adapt your rescue to focus on these ‘last chance’ kittens that need us the most.

The National Kitten Coalition also hosted a guest National Kitten Rescue webinar presented by National Kitten Rescue that walks you through the highlights of that toolkit. This webinar will inspire you to rescue and rehabilitate the most at-risk of kittens, the ones that are dying every day upon arrival at shelters!

The webinar is now available for your viewing at The National Kitten Coalition eLearning Center. Click here to directly access the webinar. (If you haven’t accessed NKC’s eLearning Center before, you’ll be asked to set up a one-time account that provides access to the SKIP webinar and all of NKC’s other free webinar recordings.)

The Humane Society of the United States, in partnership with Newborn Kitten Rescue is offering a $4,000 funding opportunity to a nonprofit rescue to launch a SKIP program that partners with local animal shelters to save sick, injured and underweight kittens at risk of being euthanized. After viewing the SKIP webinar on The National Kitten Coalition eLearning Center, you’ll have access to an application to be eligible for this funding.

SKIP Toolkit/Guide
SKIP Suggested Equipment and Supplies

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