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The 2022 Online Kitten Conference was a great success thanks to all of our wonderful speakers, sponsors and attendees.

We’re already planning for 2023 (June 9-11)!

Are you interested in speaking at the 2023 conference? We’re looking for any and all kitten related topics and are accepting speaker proposals through December 31, 2022. Click here to access the proposal submission form.

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Cat Agility? Yes!
Allison Hunter-Frederick
Owner, Allison Helps Cats

Confident Kittens: Making The Most Of Key Socialization Periods
Molly Kelsey
Feline Behaviour Consultant, The Cat Counsellor

Congenital Hypothyroidism in Kittens: Rare But Real
Jacquelyn Lewis, LVT
VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center of Westbury, NY

Kitten Kits: Supporting the Rescue Community
Rebecca Martin
Director and Founder, Rhode Island Kitten Kits

Kittens and Community Cat Programs: Considerations, Caveats, and Concerns
Christi Metropole
President and CEO, Stray Cat Alliance

Taming Feral Kittens for Adoption
Mike Phillips, LVT
President and Co-Founder of Urban Cat League, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Urban Cat League

Schafer Crane/Taogoshi-photo

Are There Ever Enough Fosters?
Nicole Schafer Crane
Executive Director, Kaua`i Humane Society
Alexandria Taogoshi
Animal Programs Manager, Kaua`i Humane Society

Sandy Rees Photo

4-Legged Fundraising: How to Raise More Money so You Can Save More Kittens
Sandy Rees
Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer, Get Fully Funded

Photo of tabby cat

The FIP Warriors Story
Robin Kintz
Founder of FIP Warriors

Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix photo

Pediatric Illness and Treatment Cocktails
Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix
Medical Director, SPCA of Wake County

Monica Frenden-Tarant

Kittens and Community Cat Programs: Considerations, Caveats, and Concerns
Monica Frenden-Tarant
Director of Welfare Advancement for The Joanie Bernard Foundation at Cincinnati Animal CARE

Helping Animals In Ukraine- Vassar and Massachusetts
Marina Bayeva
Psychotherapist and Animal Welfare Advocate