Day 2, 6 AM: Quiet night, everyone ate well at 2-3 hour intervals, eating about 15 cc’s each. Bedding change needed this morning as one had pooped between being pottied at 3:30 AM and first check (after a quick 2 hour nap for me) at 5:45 AM. Easy to tell that it was our little tabby girl by checking rear ends. Used a flea comb and warm damp washcloth to clean her up and combed residue off siblings. Grooming regularly with a fine flea comb helps keep them clean; it is amazing how much loose fur and dirt each little one can produce…combing also simulates mom cat’s grooming and helps soothe them. Eyes are still opening well, wiped with warm cloth, no redness or residue noted. At weigh in, all had gained 0.2 to 0.3 oz. Then our little tux boy produced his first stool…it is perfect! LESSON: Often it takes 24-48 hours after beginning formula for first stool. I do not get concerned until the third day unless they are straining and not able to go. For the first 12 to 24 hours, I dilute the formula by about 25% to cut down on the richness and let their systems acclimate to the change from mother’s milk to formula.